Paint thickness gauge

"We are one of the largest manufacturers of varnish thickness gauges in Poland,
we have been dealing with this field since 2006, that is over a decade."

The GL-PRO series meters are solutions based on modern 32-bit processors. As a result, fast and accurate measurement was obtained using a 12-bit converter. The meters use an innovative design of the measuring probe, which enables spot measurements on ferromagnetic and non-magnetic materials (depending on the version), automatically recognizing the tested material and informing on the display about the type of material. The probe is completed with so-called ball. The distinguishing feature of the FAZ series meters is the automatic recognition whether the steel sheet is covered with a zinc layer or whether it is galvanized.
The premium series is intended for more demanding users, it is characterized by a number of additional functions and technical solutions that improve the comfort of measurement and its accuracy. The meters have a measuring head suspended elastically, which is constructed in such a way that when pressing the probe against the tested surface, it "slides" into the probe housing. Thanks to this, the measurement becomes more accurate due to a more even pressure to the tested surface. Hand shake is also leveled.
Basic meters in modern housings and with the MEASUREMENT ASSISTANT® function. The MEASUREMENT ASSISTANT® function with a LED tells the car assessor whether he has had bodywork and paint repairs. When the function is enabled, the meter signals with a LED about the state of the metal plate:
- the LED is off - the varnish is correct
- diode pulsates - second layer of varnish
- the diode is constantly lit - putty or more layers of varnish.
It should be noted that the MEASUREMENT ASSISTANT® function is only to help in the interpretation of measurements, it cannot be the basis for an unambiguous answer to the question whether the car has had bodywork and paint repairs. Nevertheless, many people who evaluate cars do not really know what a given thickness of paint means, so the above function is to help in this.
Lacquer thickness gauges of the standard series are the basic devices possessing the most important functions necessary to measure the varnish coating on cars. They are equipped with an LCD display (except GL-mini, which has a 7-segment LED display), on which the measurement result and function selection menu are presented. All meters have a built-in calibration (zeroing) function.
Lacquer thickness gauges from the SMART series allow connection to a telephone via bluetooth. Thanks to the GL-SMART application, you will receive a number of additional functions that are not available for standard paint thickness gauges, such as editing reports, exporting reports to a PDF file, measuring individual components and much more. The application is constantly being developed, and all updates will always be downloaded for free.

Thanks to the GL-SMART application you will gain:
- extended measurement with record of measurements,
- professional measurement with measurements for each element - 30 measurements / element,
- creating and editing reports,
- exporting reports to a PDF file,
- adding vehicle photos to measurements and reports.