About us

14 years
of experience

30 models
of paint thickness gauges

Our main products are varnish thickness gauges (varnish testers, varnish sensors). Thanks to the fact that the meters are manufactured on our production line, you can count on high quality and reliability at a competitive price.

We have our own machine park consisting of SMD assembly machines. We work with numerous companies dealing in the distribution of high-quality electronic components at competitive prices and companies producing printed circuits, so we can offer our contractors the highest quality devices. The company is made up of engineers with extensive experience in the field of electronics and computer science.

Our company's offer is addressed to both small and large customers. Price and quality are our priority.

We are located in the southern part of the Śląskie Voivodeship, in Bielsko-Biała.


Prodig-Tech's beginning

Our varnish meter series:

  • professional series
  • premium series
  • super plus series
  • standard series
  • smart series
  • magnetic series

Our Customers about us:

What makes our varnish
thickness gauges stand out?

1. Polish products made in Poland.
2. Our varnish thickness gauges are constantly being improved, we participate, among others in scientific seminars organized by the Silesian University of Technology, which are a valuable mine of knowledge about motorization and materials engineering; we cooperate with the scientific staff.
3. Warranty directly from the manufacturer and quick post-warranty service.
4. High quality of products confirmed by the "Best in Poland®" mark
5. Goods available immediately.